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Over 13 years experience in game development as a Digital Artist. Responsible for Environment art as well as character modeling, rigging and animation. Shipped Several 5* titles for PC and Platform systems from SOE, SCEA, 989 Studios, Angel Studios, Software Sorcery, Adrenalin Entertainment, Sierra and Time Warner.

Specializing as a 3D environmental artist. Modeling, lighting and level design using MAYA and 3ds MAX. FUME FX Particle systems. Object and Character modeling using MAYA, 3ds MAX and ZBRUSH. Traditional texturing using photoshop and PBR texturing using SUBSTANCE PAINTER and SUBSTANCE DESIGNER as needed. Extensive knowledge of the game development workflow, tools and source control. Extensive knowledge of lighting techniques and color theory. Currently in pursuit of AS degree in Game Development/Game Art/Multimedia.

Quickly able to learn new technical tools and software due to a stong foundation of 13+ years using high end digital software for Game Development. Strong organizational skills. Able to work effectively in a team environment where communication is crucial. Minimal supervision needed to create schedules and meet deadlines.

Proficient with HTML, CSS and Bootstrap using Adobe Dreamweaver.